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Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2023

  • Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2023 – 15th Annual Edition
  • Best Luxury Residential Interior Design for Casa Sunrise in Florida, USA

The concept for Casa Sunrise takes inspiration from the graceful rice terraces in Yuanyang County, China. The terraces’ organic forms inspired a sense of movement and harmony infused into the project’s interior spaces. The design aimed to emulate the rice terraces’ natural flow, colors, and tranquility across furnishings, materials, lighting, and architecture.

The design preserved the rice terrace essence by using reflective elements for openness. Mirrors were artfully integrated into architecture and furniture, expanding visual space. The main entertainment room, housing a dining area and extended space, optimized functionality through clever spatial planning and furniture arrangement, creating a versatile, unique, and inviting seating island. Custom rugs established a visual connection between the living room and the seating island, employing a consistent color palette with green as a prominent hue, echoing the landscapes.

Guest bedrooms adopted soft, neutral tones with subtle nature-inspired touches. In contrast, the primary bedroom showcased distinct cognac and turmeric hues, bronzed mirrors, and textural fluted panels. A custom rug that interpreted the rice terraces using a bold-scale design was the final hint needed to create an overall design that successfully translated the essence of the rice terraces into a harmonious and inviting home.