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2023 Design Excellence Awards

  • American Society of Interior Designers | South Florida Chapter
  • 2023 Design Excellence Awards
  • Miscellaneous: Area Rug Design | 1st Place

Our design concept for the custom rugs in the Living Room and main Entertaining Area was inspired by the captivating beauty of the rice terraces in Yuanyang County, China. These tiered organic shapes found in nature provided us with a sense of movement and harmony that we sought to bring into the interior spaces.

In our search for the perfect rugs to complement our vision, we discovered the exquisite Paper Edge collection from Art & Loom. Collaborating closely with them, we designed two rugs that matched each other in color and style and captured the essence of the rice terraces.

To establish a visual connection between the two areas, we used the same color palette while assigning a different predominant color to each rug. The chosen palette consisted of green, taupe, grey, and white. We introduced taupe and grey to harmonize with the existing materials in the space and create a cohesive design narrative.

Green played a crucial role in our design as we aimed to bring the beauty of the surrounding landscape into the home. By incorporating this vibrant hue, we sought to infuse the living spaces with a sense of vitality and freshness, mirroring the lush greenery of the rice terraces.

Additionally, we strategically used white to counterbalance the weight of the interior architecture and materials. In the living room, which has darker colors and lower ceilings, white became the predominant color for the rug. This decision was driven by the desire to soften the heaviness of the brown tones offered by the existing wooden floors and the dark grey bookshelf, creating a sophisticated and delicate backdrop that anchors the furniture arrangement while allowing the carefully curated furniture and decor pieces to shine.

On the other hand, the rug in the main Entertaining Area takes on a more unconventional form, mimicking the silhouette of an avocado. This playful shape adds a whimsical touch to the space, injecting a sense of fun and creativity into the environment. Its design not only stands as a unique focal point but also encourages conversation and interaction among guests, making it an engaging feature within the room.

Combining our inspiration from the rice terraces, the artistic expertise of Art & Loom, and our meticulous selection of colors and shapes, we have created a harmonious and visually striking duo of custom rugs. These rugs reflect the beauty found in nature and enhance the overall aesthetic of the living spaces, providing a seamless transition between these two rooms and between the interior and the outside world.